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Virtual Training With Former Special Ops/Police Professionals - $200

A gun is just a tool.  Great shooting and self-defense comes from training your hands, eyes, and mind to use it. Our commitment to you continues after your Guardian arrives. We’ve created the first-ever nationwide network of firearms instructors drawn from the military/special operations and law enforcement. Our trainers, utilizing our proprietary “ABC” training method, will teach you how to store and use your pistol safely and effectively, especially in self-defense scenarios, and how to best defend yourself and your home.

All of our training sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and are conducted via Zoom. You’ll receive a meeting link via email as soon as you complete your order.

Not ready to book your training yet, or giving it as a gift? No problem! You can purchase a voucher and have it sent to any email address, now or in the future. When your friend or loved one is ready to master their Guardian firearm, they can use their voucher to schedule training at a time most convenient to them.

For proper training, you need to have your Guardian pistol in your possession. We recommend booking your training at least 2 weeks out from date of purchase to allow for acquisition of the pistol.

Our Proprietary "ABC" Training Methodology

Vigilant instructors are hand-picked, based on deep experience and training temperament, from the military/special operations and law enforcement community.  We have spent our lives defending our country and way of life; protecting precious people and things is what we do.  We believe that nothing is more important than family and home, people have different levels of skill and readiness, but all of us can get better and more prepared to protect what we love. 

Becoming vigilant and prepared to protect can be overwhelming and intimidating.  But the habits and tactics that beginners need to learn are the same foundational tactics and skills that keep you alive when the chips are down.  Have your mind and heart ready.  Eyes and hands working together.  Be aware and control what’s going on around you. Proper habits and doing the little things right always determines success or failure, and practicing the fundamental ABC’s of situational awareness, shooting, and performing under pressure… could mean the difference between life or death.


The design, features, and basic function of your Guardian and how to use your pistol.

  • Demonstrate and drill you on the basic ABC’s of pistol operation and key points of performance, and teach you how to practice at home.
  • Advise on the best ways and places to store your gun, based on your desired tradeoff between safety and accessibility.
  • Advise on your readiness for concealed carry, and safe, legal transportation of firearms.
  • Analyze your home layout and provide input on specific points of security and vulnerability, coaching on how to best secure and defend it.
  • Counsel you on how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to defend yourself or your family.
  • What constitutes legal self-defense, how to protect yourself without breaking the laws, and mitigate the financial risk of self-defense.
  • Recommend next steps and your own personal training plan for range shooting, developing situational awareness in your everyday pattern of life, and acquiring basic skills for evasion, escape, or physical self-defense during confrontation.

Self & Home Defense Legal Overview

Vigilant Security has partnered with Andrew Branca of Law of Self Defense, LLC, the nation’s leading expert in home and self-defense law. As a Vigilant Security customer, you get access to a free mini-course on home and self defense. In addition to this free mini-course, you will receive discounts on courses related to state-specific laws, property defense law, and defense against rioters, looters and arsonists.

Click here to receive your free mini-course on home and self-defense brought to you by Law of Self Defense, LLC.

Defend Your Home

Without Ever Leaving It.

For proper training, you need to have your Guardian pistol in your possession. We recommend booking your training at least 2 weeks out from date of purchase to allow for acquisition of the pistol.

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