The Guardian


The Guardian is a pistol designed for our uncertain world. Its modern design will appeal to new owners while its premium components will satisfy even the most demanding and experienced shooter. It was designed to teach and reinforce proper shooting techniques, increase safety and effectiveness, and enhance speed and accuracy for close range self-defense.

Your Guardian will be hand-assembled by one of our master armorers before being delivered to your local firearms dealer. Our white-glove delivery service includes a online familiarization session so that you can enter the world of firearms with the confidence and knowledge you need to protect what matters most.


Caliber 9x19mm​
System Safe Action
Safety Trigger and TacLock
Magazine Capacity 15 Rounds
Barrel Length 4.02 inches
Weight (unloaded) 23.63 oz.
Weight (loaded) 30.16 oz.
Trigger Pull 6.3 Pounds
SEALs, Green Berets, Marines… our gun designers and trainers… know firsthand that top 1% performance begins with the basics, and under pressure, everyone falls back on their basics. For great shooters or novice shooters, the only thing that matters is consistent execution of the A-B-C’s of proper gun operation and shooting. Good shooting begins with confidence and precision and ends with intense focus, and the Guardian is designed from the ground up to teach and enforce these key points of performance:

  • The magazine is engraved with a right facing bullet and the magazine and magazine release are engraved with an “A.” Whether it’s a first shot or a life saving shot, or just getting out of bed in the morning– doing the first step correctly and consistently is the first critical step towards success.
  • Even the best shooters have seen accidental discharges, and will tell you that the most important thing is to keep your index finger out of the trigger well until the exact, last instant when you pull the trigger. The proper resting place for your index finger has ambidextrous “B” markings on the frame. Your finger will naturally find our subtle, tactile indention; keep it there and you’ve taken a big step towards safety.
  • New shooters can struggle to charge the slide, and warriors may find themselves clearing a jam or loading a last magazine with wet or bloody hands. Either way, the Guardian slide has deep grooved “C” cuts on the side and top of the slide so you can grip and charge the slide under any condition.
  • When an accurate shot is fired, the only thing on the shooter’s mind is “Front sight focus” and “Trigger squeeze”. Learning to focus on the front sight is very non-intuitive, and even great shooters will catch their “front sight focus” slipping after several rounds. Our self-“D”fense sight has a proprietary combo of color and shape, that draws the shooter’s vision and hold the brain’s focus there through the shot. Our lab tests show most shooters acquiring targets ~20% faster. In short range combat situations, that’s the difference between life and death.
  • Most new shooters want manual safeties and some experienced shooters do not. Our proprietary “Taclock” thumb safety meets both needs. Keep your Guardian on “safe” in a purse or holster and flip it off as you extend to fire, or leave the safety off entirely … it’s your choice. But this safety is fast, intuitive, and non-obtrusive, which makes it better than any striker fired pistol on the market.
  • Iconic pistols like the Colt 1911 have stood the test of time in part because there are certain grip angles that just point and shoot better. The Guardian fits in standard Glock holsters, its Timberwolf frame is Gen3 & Gen4 compatible, and has a grip angle, fast magazine insert, and tactile design… that just feels great in your hand.
  • Every component of the Guardian is the highest quality — barrel, trigger, and overall ruggedness. Shoot with extreme precision and confidence.

Every Guardian

Deserves one of their own.