“All in One” Gun + Basic Defense Training

Self-defense starts with a first step. We are former special ops professionals who have devoted our lives to protecting people. It requires more than owning a gun... You need situational awareness, understanding of the laws, and the ability to effectively use a gun under pressure. It’s the right weapon, the right training, the right mindset, and the muscle memory to pull these things together in a split second... during the moment that you prayed would never come.

The Guardian Pistol

Great quality, designed with A-B-C simplicity for reliable performance. Shooting requires muscle memory of (4) basic steps: load/unload the gun, keep your finger off the trigger until firing, chamber a round, and focus intensely on the front sight as you squeeze the trigger. We’ve placed subtle A-B-C-D markings on the pistol to prompt these (4) steps for safe, effective, consistent operation... especially under pressure. The Guardian has a innovative close range combat sight that enables all shooters, novice or expert, to acquire targets approximately 20% faster. Finally, the Guardian, unlike any other striker fired semi-automatic pistol, comes with our “Taclock” thumb safety, which increases safety and assurance without sacrificing speed and ease.

Training by experts for non-experts

Other trainers try to show civilians what top 1% combat performance looks like. Our instructors ARE the top 1% warrior elite, so we understand that 99% of people will never be, and firing a weapon in self-defense is an unwanted measure of last resort. ABC training starts with a 1 hour video conference where you learn where in your home to safely store your gun, how to load and chamber a round quickly under pressure, and how to hold a weapon and use good technique. This will enable you to draw on habits under stress when your palms are sweating, your pulse is beating over 200 beats per minute, and your blood pressure is skyrocketing. We make training simple and non-intimidating, so you can do the basics; after that, we can take you as far as you want to go.

Simplifying the gun + self-defense decision

We provide one stop shopping for everything you need for basic self-defense. The Guardian is a great pistol, designed by the best, to also be usable for non-experts. In :30 seconds, you can schedule in home training with world-class pros who will listen and demystify self-defense. Learn from America’s leading legal expert on self-defense laws. Get this with a just few key strokes, and your pistol will ship to a Certified Firing Range or gun store near you with a Federal Firearms License, and they will transfer your Guardian pistol to you after completing your background check. Simple, non-intimidating, time-efficient, and easy.

Like it should be.

The Guardian is about more than a Gun

Protecting what you love is about being vigilant and ready. It starts with building muscle memory, because “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” And if you ever meet that moment, the best you can hope for is to fall back on your most basic A-B-C skills.

Our Instructors

Our master instructors have decades of combined experience in the military/special operations and law enforcement. Already have a gun? We’ll take you to the next level.  Because whether you’re a beginner, bad ass, or somewhere in between — great shooting is always about following the fundamentals.

A Network of trusted Ranges and Dealers

We’ve partnered with the best, most family-friendly dealers and ranges in the United States to make the process of purchasing your first firearm, receiving critical training, and maintaining your new skills intuitive, simple, and easy.